Day In The Life, 8: You Don’t Belong Here

I am going to fully rant on here for a while so brace your selves! A week ago, there was a function organized at our university. It was an informal event where anyone could dress like however they want to. I went in dressed like I usually do. When everyone was getting ready at hostel, [...]


Excerpt: Warrior of Light, 13

Excerpt number 13 from Warrior Of Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho Enjoy! 🙂 The warrior of light does not worry that, to others, his behaviour might seem quite mad. He talks out loud to himself when he is alone. Someone told him that this is the best way of communicating with the angels, and so [...]

This Week In Lyrics, 2

Its rainy weather here in (Islamabad/Peshawar) Pakistan. And its giving me all the sad feels. For anyone who enjoys and gets happy for the rainy and wet weather, I am sorry but I don't enjoy it. It makes me feel as if there is a void inside of me. All the empty feelings come rushing [...]

Ten Science-Inspired Quotes From Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor. Not only that, he was a mechanical/electrical engineer, a physicist, futurist whose many inventions are used today beyond the years of him discovering them. AC electrical supply system and transmission systems were two of his greatest inventions and ideas. He obtained 300 patents worldwide for his inventions , some [...]

Day In The Life, 7

This sunken place Dark room Inside my soul and inside my heart Indecisiveness Doubts Guilt Shame The Blame Game Living Through it All Everyone else has figured it out If not much, then at least a little I am Lying here In the shroud of darkness I am still alive but its my Burial Future? [...]

Ten Inspirational Quotes from Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison has been described as Americas's greatest inventor. He was a scientist and businessman. His work ethic and sayings ooze inspiration and motivation. So I thought I would share some of his quotes for your mid-week-inspo. Enjoy! 🙂 The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: hard work, stick-to-inventiveness, and common sense. [...]

Excerpt: Warrior of Light, 12

Excerpt number 12 from Warrior Of Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho   Warriors of light always keep a certain gleam in their eyes. They are of this world, they are part of the lives of other people and they set out on their journey with no saddlebags and no sandals. They are often cowardly. [...]

Day In The Life, 6: Gratitude

You probably noticed I haven't been active for almost a week here. That is not because I ran out of ideas or I had a writer's block. I am working on my Master's thesis Research at the moment and the setbacks related to that has been contributing to my anxiety and depression day by day. [...]