Excerpt: Warrior of Light, 14

The series from Warrior of Light: A manual had a short break. Its back though! Enjoy reading the 14th excerpt from the book ūüôā According to a poet: 'The warrior of light chooses his enemies.' He knows what he is capable of; he does not have to go about the world¬†boasting of his qualities and [...]

Master, who was your master?

Via Paulo Coelho blog One of the great Sufi Masters, Junaid, was asked this when he was dying. His chief disciple came close to him and asked, ?Master, you are leaving us. One question has always been in our minds but we could never gather courage enough to ask you. Who was your Master? This has been a [...]

June 8th 2018 – Weekly Roundup of Members Posts

Excerpts: Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho (1)

If you've been enjoying reading the  Excerpts from Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho; you will definitely like reading excerpts from another gem of a book by Paulo: "Eleven minutes". I read this book a few years ago and found questioning myself and the decisions that we make on a lot of levels. Its an interesting [...]